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Of steamed goodness & tea for comfort

Written by Admin 20 Mar 2017
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The Yum Cha festival at Asia 7- Chinese for tea and dim sums is a must do. High on taste and low on calories, what more could a 'watching-the-weight' bride want!

By Malvika Nanda

Wedding and wedding preps mean a whole lot of meetings and greetings to plan the perfect story. And pre-wedding times also spell weight watching to look your best on the D-day. ‘Yum Cha’ (Chinese style brunch with Jasmine tea and dim sums), then would come in handy as it’s loaded on taste and low on calories.

Asia 7, from the house of Lite Bite Foods is hosting a Yum Cha festival, luckily all throughout March. The restaurant whose menu is inspired by the traditional favourites of the 7 most popular Asian countries seems to already have a lot of takers for their Sunday brunch spreads.

Back to the Yum Cha festival, both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dim sum varieties are decent and the meal ends with fragrant Jasmine tea, based on the age-old Chinese belief of aiding digestion. The concept is popular in the Cantonese- speaking regions of China. Like its traditional spread Yum Cha is focussed on the food items served with the tea rather than just the tea itself and includes both sweet and savoury flavours, dim sums as well as Baos (steamed and stuffed bun or bread).

It was a hot afternoon in March so we decided to start with some cold fizz (Italian Smooch, a mocktail), while waiting for our tiny translucent pillows of steamed goodness.

While the Yum Cha menu lists Xifan Congee (slow cooked thin Rice soup with crisp brown garlic, coriander and spring onion) as the entree, we went straight for the dim sums.

We started with the delicious and flavourful Chicken Siewmai (finely chopped chicken, basil and fresh red chili), utterly basic but utterly good, particularly because of the chilly oil it’s served in. Up next was the rare combination on cheese and chilly in a dim sum – the Yummy Cheese in Chilly (is must try, for the combination of New York Phillycheese (yes, that’s right), water chestnut and shitake is simply delicious and takes this variety to a different level of yum.

For sea food lovers the subtly flavoured Classic Prawn Hargow (Crunchy tiger prawn, bamboo shoot, water chest nut) is a must try as is the steamed Sea bass special. The Chicken and Water Chestnut Dumpling came next with delicate oriental sauce flavouring, spring onion, chili flakes and worked almost as palette cleanser thanks to its non-spicy base, it’s certainly another must.

Another interesting variety would be – Crystal Duck and Cherry with roasted luck, sweetness of cherries in hoi-sin-sauce.

For vegetarians the Crystal Wild Mushroom dim sums that come with three mushrooms varieties, water chestnut, carrot and fresh coriander are a must for their melt-in-your-mouth goodness and taste. The Crunchy Cantonese is another option for veggies and comes with chopped French bean, baby corn, spring onions along with other Asian seasoning, it’s refreshing and light.

If you are craving some fried stuff for a change in taste, go for the crunchy spring rolls, without a doubt. Before the much comforting Jasmine Tea, we finished our meal with sinfully delicious Coconut Ice Cream instead of the Cheesecake from the menu and we don’t regret the choice one bit. Now for the Jasmine Tea, keep it close you’ll need it more than you know.

The Yum Cha festival at Asia 7, (3rd floor), Ambience Mall Gurgram is on till March 31st, 2017.

Two baskets of dim sums, dessert of the day with free-flowing Soup and Chinese tea are priced at Rs 449/- for Vegetarians and Rs. 549/- for Non Vegetarian options, taxes extra. Each of the dim sums baskets come with four pieces and are prices between Rs 229 to Rs. 329.

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