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Written by weddingfables 02 Nov 2016
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Here's the cute love story of Varun and Sujas working their relationship through 'long-distance' and getting hitched finally in the words of the pretty Sujas Rait.

Varun and I met through his sister and other common friends on September 21st, 2015. He apparently fell head over heels for me (those are his exact words). He was texting and calling me to meet up. Since he was in Mumbai for two more weeks he really wanted to seal the deal J. I on the other hand was under the impression - London se ladka aaya hai.. time pass karega aur chala jaeyga. Hence I sort of gave him a little cold vibe. When he continued to pursue, I freaked out, and asked him to get his parents to my house if he genuinely wanted to marry me...(I seriously thought, that would scare him and he would back off).

To my surprise, I was shocked when he so casually and rather happily agreed. Then of course it was time to tell my parents about this handsome Brit boy!  So both our parents met and before we realized -  we had the green signal. Within two weeks he flew back - and soon the long distance relationship and difficulties began. When couples miss each other they usually Skype or call or message. We just travelled half-way to meet. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when I was on the phone with Varun discussing how this year Diwali will be huge with a week-long break from work. And soon there were hectic travel plans being made.

Within an hour of convincing my parents and bank balance checks - flights were booked, hotels were sorted and we were going to be able to tell our kids how mom and dad met half-way at Turkey between Asia and Europe just because they missed each other so much. After a lot of deliberation with my parents they finally said yes. And I only wondered how.
This was only possible because the master-planner Varun, explained to my parents how much he loved me, and wanted to make me his forever with a ring at the beautiful Bodrum in Turkey. So I unknowingly took my own ring from India given by his parents, stitched in the pocket of a Sherwani Kurta gifted by my family. Sweet eh?

Next thing I know I'm on a beach in Bodrum with him on his knees and the beautiful ring on my finger. We got engaged on November 16th after which like any other girl I went mad with all the wedding preparation. Varun still flew down a couple of times to keep the heat alive and help with the wedding preparations. And before I realized it was August 21st and I was legally and officially his, turning from Miss to Mrs.

My wedding functions were just as I dreamt them to be:

It began with a pool party with close friends three days before the functions where I enjoyed and a gala time followed by Mehendi, Grah ShantiSangeet  and Cocktails, then the Pheras and the Reception.  We had both the Panju and Gujju pheras! So we had 8 pheras in total!
Have a look at my wedding Pictures:

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