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Hit the beach with style

Written by 26 Nov 2014
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The need to feel sexy while honeymooning is an urge every new blushing bride feels. It comes with the need for her to become attractive and irresistible for her man but more than that its a feeling that makes the bride confident, and for this she needs the right attire to up her natural beauty.

If you have selected a beach destination for your honeymoon then a trendy, comfortable and sexy beachwear is something that will find place in your suitcase. Wedding Fables take pleasure in discovering the right beachwear for your honeymoon with Beach Glam that could solve all your resort wear needs for a beach holiday. Get ready for some serious beach styling and show off those curves while keeping it classy!

It's a lifestyle resort wear brand based in New York, with an extensive range of beachwear outfits and accessories perfect for gifting, vacations, honeymoons, and any other occasions where you find yourself soaking the sun on a beach. You can also find the perfect outfit for a beach party, a pool party, or a yacht party. Thus, a Beach Glam outfit is not seasonal but can be worn throughout the year at different occasions. The vibrant colours of the outfits are just enough to get you in the holiday mood and enjoy to the fullest. Here are some of the outfits from the brand that we adore! So start posing and showing off that beautiful YOU in these smart, breezy and beautiful numbers!

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