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Over the last few decades fashion designer Madhu Jain has never strayed away from what she began to do early on when she embarked upon her journey as a young designer - that of reviving crafts and textiles. Her designs are incredibly Indian and has stayed that way always for as long as I remember. And I do remember at…

Get your filigree this wedding season

Written by weddingfables 16 Aug 2017
Silver never goes out of fashion just like gold and diamonds. At wedding ceremonies it’s a preferred metal during pujas and rituals. It also make an excellent gift. Anahata is an Indian Silver filigree luxury brand in its millennia-old tradition of finest handcrafted gold and silver metalwork. Filigree is a skill of very high degree intricate culling out of elegant…

Banaras weaved just for you

Written by weddingfables 20 Jul 2017
There's no Indian who would not be able to conjure up a visual image at the mention of Banaras. The city built on the banks of the lovable holy Ganges river means a lot to every Indian. It's all about the beautiful Aarti, the melodious chants, the steps leading to the ghats, the silk woven Banarasi saris, the Banarasi pan…

Zoiro Party Collection for men

Written by 30 Dec 2014
Zoiro, the Italian designed premium innerwear brand, recently launched its new collection ‘Zoiro Party’ - a concept innerwear for men specially meant for occasion of party. Which man would say no to comfort that comes in funy, stylish prints? The new collection promises to add fun for men in this party season with themes like Animal, Fresh Fruit, Red Chilli,…

Mehak's beautiful Punjabi wedding

"We have known each other since the time I don't even remember and we are complete opposites" says Mehak Sachdeva... Read more

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