Banarasi Bingeing!

Written by weddingfables 19 Oct 2016
The food is the most important part of any wedding. Many weddings today love to entertain the guests with delicacies found on the streets of India along with other cuisines. One of them is the Banarasi food. Dilli 32, Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi transports one to the streets of Banaras with its Grand Trunk Culinary Journey as part of…

Tamilian Odyssey through its cuisine

Written by weddingfables 07 Sep 2016
It really was my first food pop up and I didn't know what to expect. Would there be some performance? Would there be a speech? Would it be a seated dining? I looked forward to it since I was invited by fellow journalist and friend Navneet Mendiratta. Foodie and chef Ruchira Hoon was dishing out Tamilian cuisine of her childhood…

5 Beautiful Entry Songs for the BRIDE

Written by weddingfables 23 Jun 2016
It's your D-Day and you are set to wow family and friends as the stunning bride that you are. But do you have the right song to make that impressive entry as the bride when you walk slowly but steadily with million emotions in your heart? The one OMG moment of your life when you say " this is it,…

Talli Singh: A paradise for celebrations.

Written by weddingfables 22 Jun 2016
What's a wedding without some interesting tales of someone in the family or among friends getting talli (drunk), singing and dancing in boisterous marriage parties. Getting talli is in fact a way of enjoying any wedding celebration to the fullest. The newly opened and innovatively christened Talli Singh seems to celebrate this very sentiment of lively energy and revelry says…
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Mehak's beautiful Punjabi wedding

"We have known each other since the time I don't even remember and we are complete opposites" says Mehak Sachdeva... Read more

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